Company Intro

M&G Professionals and Entrepreneurs Network is a network of Tanzanians and foreign professionals & entrepreneurs aim at providing IT, Overseas trading and Consulting services to Tanzania community and other countries

Services at glance

  1. IT and Software services

    We provide, supply and install IT services and equipments, including:

    • Computer and networking equipments
    • CCTV camera for home and office usage

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  2. Overseas trading and Consulting services

    We provide Overseas trading and Consultation services, including:

    • Helping our customers to find goods and reliable manufactures and suppliers from foreign countries
    • Shipping and clearing goods from foreign countries to Tanzania ports, including Dar-es-salaam, Tanga and Zanzibar

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  3. Training services

    We provide IT and Engineering training constrained to the following fields:

    • CISCO (CCNA and CCNP) training
    • Software development and Programming language

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Call us

Main: +255-657-724026

After Hours: +255-757-965211